Real Estate Marketplace For Ghana Homes and Institutions


Sash Ghana® is the real estate marketplace for homes and institutions in Ghana. We offer customer-focused real estate products and services for individuals and institutions in Ghana.

Our team was initially organized to provide purchasing and sales services to the residential real estate market in Koforidua (in the Eastern Region of Ghana). During our early days in the business, we were always seeking to know more about the local residential real estate market. This is due to the fact that we can only offer the right products and services if we understand the market needs.

From our humble beginnings, we now are the trusted one-stop shop for residential and institutional real estate services in Ghana. This development and growth is because of the fact that we continually redesign our service lines to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Also, we offer top-quality products and deliver excellent customer service and care.


At Sash Ghana®, we understand that no two real estate transactions are the same. This is because the buyer, developer, seller or investor in any real estate transaction has unique goals and expectations.

As your one-stop products and services provider, we certainly offer a broad range of integrated services for your every need. Our services include property purchasing; appraisal and valuation; property leasing; mortgage brokerage; property sales; title services; procurement and purchasing of building construction materials; planning, designing and development services.

Our Team

Certainly, we serve you best. We have the men and the materials to deliver unrivaled service excellence.

We are confident because we consistently deliver on our promise. This is due to the defining characteristics of the members of our team. That is to say, the diversity and experience of our management team gives us the ability to maximize all aspects of the real estate options. Furthermore, we do all the ground work to acquire, develop, and lease properties in Ghana.

We engage only the best. As a result, we are comprised of outstanding building construction material manufacturers and distributors, lawyers, financial analysts, architects, surveyors, interior designers, craftsmen and engineers.


Sash Ghana® thrives on a culture of excellence. Because of this, we employ only the best standards in our products and service delivery. The provision of all tools and resources necessary for our clients to be cost-effective and successful in their transactions is our business.

We want to address the challenges you face and provide solutions so that you can concentrate of personal and business objectives without the hassle.

With our extensive experience in real estate products and services, our team works hand in hand with you to ensure that we fulfill your needs.

Our team offers you the attention you need when you want it.

Partner with us and let’s delight you! Contact us today.

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