About Us

Sash Ghana is the preferred real estate company in the Eastern Region of Ghana. We earn the trust of our clients and gain referrals through superior services, meeting the needs of our customers every step of the way. Through our customer-focused solutions for buying, selling and furnishing homes, we have grown since our establishment in 2009.

Sash Ghana thrives on a culture of excellence. Because of this, we employ only the best standards in our products and services delivery. Moreover, we provide the resources necessary for our clients to be cost-effective.

We are all about tools that empower every client or staff we connect with. We provide resources to enable our clients make informed real estate decisions through free consultation services, articles and workshops. Also, we are devoted to the provision of relevant training while supporting our staff and associates with the tools and resources to capitalize on growing the real estate market in Ghana.

We welcome you to explore our services for buying, selling and furnishing a home in Ghana.

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