Building Materials Supplier in Ghana

supplying building construction materials to eastern Ghana
Supplying building construction materials to eastern Ghana

Why Source Building Materials?

Building materials supply is one key aspect of the real estate industry. Because of this sourcing issues are important. However, this aspect is mostly not given the importance it deserves. This is because most building materials are readily available here in Ghana. Furthermore, the quality and prices vary greatly.

Importance of Sourcing Building Materials

The quality of your building materials determine the quality of your building. Because of this, product purchases must be done with the right partner. Similarly, the capabilities of your sourcing partner determines the quality of products you get. In other words, it determines the value you get for your money. In short, your partner must be capable of supplying quality products at best rates.

Assessing The Capabilities Of A Sourcing Partner

Sash Ghana® offers a dynamic procurement team. We strive for service excellence during every transaction. Our team serves international organizations. We also serve local businesses and individuals.

We know the value of quality manufacturing and value-added service. As a result, we have established a wide network. We have extensive local and international connections. Subsequently, we are able to source from the best manufacturers and distributors.

We are not trusted by chance. We earn your trust everyday through our service. Firstly, we undertake extensive market research to know more. Secondly, we have in depth experience in the sourcing business. Consequently, we are able to deliver top-notch sourcing services for contractors and do-it-yourselfers in Ghana.

Our Products

Some of our building materials include:

  • Sand
  • Stones
  • Timber
  • Plasterboard
  • Cement
  • Bricks (clay)
  • Concrete blocks
  • Floor and wall tiles
  • Roofing materials
  • Window frames (aluminum, wood and steel)
  • Glass
  • Door frames
  • Plumbing equipment (bathtubs, toilets, sinks and basins)
  • Marble
  • Cabinets and cupboards

Paints and coatings include:

  • Primers
  • Acrylic
  • Enamel

Please contact us for answers to all your questions. We will be happy to provide quotations and any other information that may be required, without obligation.

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