We’re currently buying homes in select markets

Personal safety during home selling is a big issue on the minds of many. Covid-19 pandemic has made it imperative to redesign home sales process.

Wondering if you can still sell during these times? Well, the answer is yes! Indeed we are making it easier for you sell now more than ever. We’re currently buying homes in select markets in the Eastern and Greater Accra regions of Ghana. No showings, stress or surprises

When buying homes in select markets, we make sure the process is as simple as can be. Selling to us is really simple. Indeed, you sell in five easy steps from the comfort of your home.

  • Send us your property address
  • Send a virtual tour of property
  • Receive a competitive offer
  • Compare your options
  • Decide to sell to us or list with us

We’ll buy your land or home directly, or assist you list it. You decide.

When you decide to sell your land or home directly to us, you avoid showings, the stress and the surprises. Indeed, the whole COVID-19 home selling process can be carried out without any physical contact. Also, we ensure that social distancing observed throughout the process.

Get in touch with us via WhatsApp on +233(0)546-710-610 or email us at sashghanabusiness@gmail.com.